Custom Carpet Services

We don’t just stretch and repair carpet! We provide custom services to help with all you carpet needs. Check out some of our services below and if you have any questions feel free to contact me!


Running Wire Under Carpet

If you have a lot of wires cluttering your floor I can help! I can run the wires under your carpet and make them impossible to see. It is important to let a professional come do this so the carpet can get reinstall properly. I see it all the time where the wires and carpet are just slapped in, and the carpet quickly start to wrinkle and look bad!

Squeaky Floor Repair

Homes can settle and furniture is heavy! These factor into causing your floor to become squeaky. Getting to these squeaks under carpet can be a big pain, but it doesn’t have to be! I can pull up your carpet with minimal damage to put screws into the sub-floor. Don’t waste your time with squeaky floor kits that go through the carpet. Trust me I tried those and the squeaks inevitable come back with those.


Carpet Prep for Painting

Make you next painting project easy by removing the carpet before hand! I have seen people pull up their carpet to make painting their home easier. A lot of those people damage the carpet in the process. I offer a full service carpet removal reinstall for home owners with painting projects! Contact me today with your project, I’m happy to help!


Reinstall Carpet after a Remodel

Do you have a remodel project and need carpet reinstalled? Contact me today with your project! I can get your carpet looking new with your homes new additions.


Have something different you need done? Contact me!

Aside from what is listed above, if you have an odd situation or just different contact me! If it involves your carpet I can most likely get it done for you. Calling me with a quick question isn’t a waste of my time, I’m happy to help!